QPT, 28.3 hours (9.5 solo)

Today was NIGHT FLIGHT! Nothing solo at night yet, but I’m going to do a solo night flight on Monday. Cross country from AFW to Sherman or Grayson County or something. I have all weekend to plan.

We took off around 8:30 and headed over to Propwash. NOT TO LAND! We decided to use their electricity though and fire up the runway lights. Then we did a low approach, but the wheels did not touch the ground. No $100 landing fee!

Something I was wondering after the fact was how many landing lights I tuned on when I hit the ones at Propwash. There are MANY airports that use the same frequency.

Anyway, then we headed over to AFW to meet my ten landing requirement. We did most on 16R, but then got switched over to 16L when there was a clearance issue, and I got to land on the christmas tree! No, not an actual christmas tree, but all the lights lit up like that look pretty fun (kinda like a christmas tree!).

So we did that a few times and then headed home.

I’m flying a bunch over the next several days to prepare for my checkride!

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