QPT, 25.5 hours (8 solo)

Did my second solo cross country today! Just a quick trip out to Possum Kingdom (F35), an airport I am becoming as familiar with as I am with Alliance or Northwest Regional. There was (and still is right now) a large area of convection north and west of my flight path, but it stayed up there and did not bother me. With the exception of a 30 kt headwind.


It did help me a bit on the return though. Not as much as if I would have been flying directly north, but I’ll take anything I can get. This was my first experience in heavy winds. It felt very strange doing 90kts and looking out the window to see the ground barely moving below me.

So I have another one tomorrow. Same trip, hopefully the winds will be more favorable and my trip won’t take as long. It has to take at least 1.3 hours so I can meet the requirements! I will be flying N5915A tomorrow, so feel free to track me!

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