QPT, 15.4 hours (2.1 solo)

I’m a day late here, but had a very busy day.  I took 5915A over past Propwash and practiced my turns around a point.  After circling the same silo for a good 15 minutes I started getting the hang of it!  I got tired of turning left (its easier to see out the left side of the plane sitting in the left seat), and went over to Propwash to do touch & go’s. Kelly (my instructor’s former student) was doing touch & gos in her 150 while I was doing my maneuvers, and I was hoping she would finish her pattern work before I headed over.  She did, and I waved as she parked her plane and I did my first landing.

I also practiced a slip to land, and nailed it.  I’m getting much better on the landings.

Then I went back to Northwest Regional and did a few more touch & gos there.  Mainly because the pattern at Propwash is right traffic, where the majority of airports are left traffic (just means which direction you fly that rectangle around the field).

Then I met my instructor after I secured the plane and we discussed my cross country planning.  I feel much better and spent the better part of my commercial flight to Dulles planning my routes.

I will be flying tomorrow and Friday afternoon, and I am taking the day off on Monday to get some solo cross country time.

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