QPT, 14 hours (.7 solo)

Fresh off my successful solo and passing the FAA written, we took off to the northwest and did maneuvers all day. I’m getting better at turns around a point. I must have circled that damn tree ten times when my instructor finally said “Ok, let’s go back and do some touch & gos.”

“What, you tired of turning left?”

Sounds like something a NASCAR driver would say.

Anyway, did another one of those slip approaches. They still feel super weird, but I nailed it right down the centerline on that one. After landing, my instructor gave me an additional endorsement so that I can take the plane by myself and do maneuvers and touch & gos within twenty five miles (though he wants me to stay between 52F and Propwash).

I’m looking forward to picking up some solo time! Tomorrow we’re doing a cross country between here and Possum Kingdom lake. I am starting my planning right now!

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