QPT, 12.9 hours (.7 solo!)

Yes you read that correctly! I did my solo yesterday! This is a big milestone and I’m ready to move on to the next level of my training.

We took off from Northwest Regional (52F) and headed over to Alliance (AFW). We entered the pattern (with clearance) and did some touch & gos and one go around with my instructor. Then we taxied over to the FBO and he hopped out (after a quick cram lesson because I had been forgetting to turn off carb heat… NOT good).

Then he hopped out, I got clearance from ground control, taxied to the runway, did my runup got clearance and went! Did three touch & gos in the pattern and then went back to the FBO. Got a congrats and a handshake, and then I got to take a tour of Alliance tower! They presented me with my solo certificate and I got to see all the neat systems they have.

Then we flew back to 52F and I left to get my haircut.

But my story does not stop there…. Later in the day I went to go take my FAA Written exam as planned. I PASSED!

Today is family day (and soon to be FOOTBALL DAY!), so no flying on Sunday. I’m back in the left seat tomorrow though!

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