QPT, 10.0 hours!

1/4 of the way to the minimum required hours! Today we head weather threatening to strand us if we strayed too far from the airport. It ended up being a non-issue, but safety first!

We just stuck around 52F and did touch & gos. I am getting really good on my landings… such a light touch and able to pull out a good landing when a stall could make it really bad. We did soft field landings, and soft and short field takeoffs.

I spoke with my instructor about next steps and hopefully I will be able to solo next week. I don’t think we’ll be able to get it done this weekend, unless we can do the instructor quiz on Saturday morning. I’m not pushing hard for it, but it is a very important milestone. Hopefully next week will see me beginning to plan cross country legs and logging solo time in the plane!

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