QPT, 8.9 hours

Pretty standard day today, except I am really sticking my landings! We started by doing steep turns in the practice area to clear the airspace, then we did two power off stalls and two power on stalls. I think I finally got the 172 to break on the stall for that last power on stall.

One thing that is very interesting is that when the airframe is getting close to stall speed, I can hear a change in the air going past the cockpit. This helps me be situationally aware and will keep me looking out the window more and less at the airspeed indicator. Feels solid.

Then we did S-Turns, and turns around a stationary point. The first I have solid. The second just needs practice. It’s my first time to do it so my challenge was maintaining the same radius throughout the entire turn.

After that, we departed the practice area for 16X and did touch and gos. My landings are getting damn good. I got to do a slip landing today, and while it was a little rougher, it sure was a weird feeling. Man, I hope I don’t have to do that very often. Especially with passengers. I can see people getting queasy.

Then my lesson was up, and we headed back to 52F. Over the top we found some traffic. One guy leaving, and one guy coming in to land. Took us a while, but we eventually saw him and just entered the pattern behind and wide of him. By the time we were 100 feet above the ground, he was clear of the runway so we landed and did a full stop.

I fly again tomorrow, then a day off, then hopefully Friday if I can get back in time. I’m still on track to take my written test on Saturday!

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