QPT, 7.5 hours

A day of takeoffs and landings! Took off from Northwest Regional (52F) and headed west to Alliance (AFW) to practice the major thing I need practice on…. LANDING! Now keep in mind, I’m getting the plane down fine. Sometimes a little rougher than others, and crosswind landing makes things interesting. Nothing unsafe, but I am practicing the finesse. My instructor says I am getting better! My biggest challenge is holding off on the flare to dump airspeed. I’m SO close. I logged seven landings today.

I’m taking the day off tomorrow, my instructor wants a free day. I’ve been there. I fly again on Tues & Wed (thank GOODNESS for morning air again!), and then I am out of town for a couple of days. I’m going to shoot for taking the written test and flying on Saturday. Maybe a solo? Who knows!

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