QPT, 5.2 hours

Long flight today! Took of from Northwest Regional, left cross, left downwind and departed northwest to the practice area. First off, it’s freaking HOT out there. No A/C. Secondly, when it is hot outside you get these fun thermals. BUMPY. Hard to maintain altitude. It’s a weird feeling… you are flying along and all the sudden you hit one and jump up 50-100 feet.

Anyway, we did our maneuvers and added two today. The first was an engine failure simulation. I picked a field and made it! WE LIVE! YAAAY! The other was a power on stall. Except the 172 we are flying freaking WON’T STALL. I’m not really complaining about it, but in our stall practice we gained 500 feet of altitude. That’s not so good.

So we had some fun there, and flew back over to Alliance. I got some time on the radio today and we did touch and gos from Alliance airport. Two new things that I got to do today with that. The airports I normally operate out of are non-towered airports. Alliance is a towered airport so I had to get clearance before operating there. Also, we had the PAPI glide slope indicator which is nice, though the runway is so long it is not needed. You can figure out if you will make it or not.

I did six landings today and earned 1.4 hours of flight time. PHEW!

Next flight is tomorrow at 11am!

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