QPT, 3.8 hours

Lots of flying today! Only logged 2 landings (vs. the 6 from yesterday). Ground school took a while today. I was having problems with charts and classes of airspace, but now that I understand them both, there is just some memorization to do on VFR minimums.

We took off and looped around the east side of 52F and headed west to the practice area. Once we were clear of Propwash, we climbed to 3K and did some slow turns and slow flying. Then we tried a couple of power-off stalls. That 172 just does not like stalling (I’m not really complaining actually) so it takes effort to make it stall. I saved us both times though and we did not break the hard deck (like Maverick).

The new maneuver we did today was steep turns. Basically putting the airplane in a 45 degree bank and maintaining altitude. Those are pretty fun. Like Max Power, you strap yourself in and feel the Gs!

Landings today were both good. We did a soft field landing which means you float as long as you can, and hold the nose up as long as possible. I still have trouble with steering the airplane on rollout. I try to drive it like a damn car, and you have to drive it like a sled (with your feet). Then I got to fill it with gas (boy wasn’t THAT fun… $5/gal!). Then we taxied back over and there was a sport plane blocking the entryway, so we got to PUSH THE PLANE over a small rut and up a hill.

Tonight I’m studying communications, and I’m going to pore over my sectional chart to make sure I’m able to pass my written test!

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