From nothing, to a Shadow, to a Pearl, all in 3 days

Part of working for a big company is carrying their mobile devices.  Part of working for a big company that is selling your business is getting back those numbers that you brought in.

This weekend I signed on the dotted line for a commitment I have not had in over three years, a personal cell phone.  I’ve had a cell number, but when I joined my company, it became the company’s number.  With the sell off, the policy was relaxed and I was able to get my number out.  w00t!

So I started my trek by looking at a couple of providers and their phones.  One provider was adding up the data services required for some of their phones and before I had even chosen a plan, I was up to $100/month!  Screw that!  My current phone bill on the company plan is around $110/mo with everything.

So I walked over to the other provider and found a sweet deal on a HTC Shadow.  Not a bad piece of equipment from the looks of it, but it is a Windows Mobile device.  I’ve had one before (the original BlackJack) and it was unpleasant.

I gave it a shot though since there is a buyers remorse policy.  After two days with it, I decided it was not for me.  Once the number port went through, I played with it a little bit and had a few crashes.  Not major, but it had quirks.  It seems underpowered.

So I went back to the store, and exchanged it for a Pearl.  For me, it was an even swap.  No change in service.  I LOVE this device.  It is very similar in use to my Curve which is the work phone (also love THAT, just a little big).  The form factor is fantastic, and fits nicely into my pocket.  The syncing of contacts/calendar is a little wonky without the enterprise support, but I can deal with it until Plaxo gets off their ass and makes a Blackberry client (Note to Plaxo/Comast: Get on it!).

All in all, one of the best decisions I made this weekend!

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