Vegas Recap

I’m headed home from Vegas and I wanted to share a few things I learned along the way.

  • People who are just sitting at a slot machine and punching the buttons every so often are either trying to get a free drink (which seems hard to come by), or is just renting a chair for a few.  I paid $3 to rent a chair for twenty minutes.
  • Good things do not happen immediately following a dramatic increase in music volume.
  • Bartendresses must dance violently on the bar every thirty minutes at Centrifuge.  Their outfits will make you wonder if you are in a gentleman’s club as they throw their hips around.
  • When the bartender asks you to move your drink so HE can get up and dance on the bar, move it, and turn away (unless you enjoy watching the dancing pork sword).
  • Sirens are not always for show, sometimes they will shut down the strip.
  • It is apparently acceptable to sit at the Verizon Recharge Station with your cell plugged into an outlet and carry on a conversation in a foreign tongue, ON SPEAKER PHONE.  Please duly note that.

Thank you for your attention, please continue on with your day!

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