The Haps in Vegas

Tonight (and this trip) is really my first Vegas experience.  I was here for Defcon a few years ago, but it was at a hotel off the strip (across the street from the Hard Rock).  I did have some fun gambling when I was here last, but tonight was my first good-strong experience.

I played Blackjack for a while and had mixed results.  Finally left when the table went cold.  Went over to the Irish Pub here at New York, NY, and then tried my luck at Roulette.  Sure enough, I started winning.  Then the roller coaster started (not the one outside my window).  I was down, then I bet on 24 (love you Chris) and WON!  After a few hours down in the casino, I am only down $15 (minus the $5 ATM fee… jeepers).

Better luck tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll end on a high note!  I speak at 4pm Pacific.

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