Why can’t my PC do that?

After making the switch to Mac at home, I’ve been able to streamline a lot of what I was doing at the house. The only complaint I have is that Apple hates ergonomics. Don’t believe me? Go look at the keyboard they ship. I had to dump the wireless one for a wired ergo one from Goldtouch.

Apple, get a clue!

Anyway…. I’m trying to slog through some work laptop issues (they won’t give me a MacBook… bastards!), I really noticed I have taken for granted the Mac’s propensity to notify me of updates for the software I use often. Really, how simple is the “Hey, I’ve got a new version, want to update?” functionality? Almost ALL Mac software has this, but very few PC titles do.

Well, hopefully I can get my PC up and running to have a semi-productive day.

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