Feed the fire!

The last couple of weeks have been insane.  Between work going nuts and activities at home, we’ve been very busy bees.  We bid farewell to Erin this week.  We’ll miss her, but wish her the best on her new journey.

SO ready for football to start.  Training camps started this week for most teams, and as we speak I have NFL Replays on TV right now.  Watching the AFC Championship game from this year.  Yes, I know the outcome, but dammit, I am ready for football!

Been goofing with the new radio in the car a bit.  Still debugging a gremlin or two.  The output power is not what it should be in my opinion (I can’t verify this, but I’m thinking that is the cause of my APRS issue…  For some reason I am only getting picked up by a fixed station in Grapevine).

Anyway…. off to put the kids to bed for nap!

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