How about some more rain?

Man, what a few months it has been.  So much rain!  And travel delays, oh my!  Got stuck today in Cedar Rapids while waiting for weather north of Dallas to clear out so our plane could make its way up.  Round about way, it finally got there, and I got home.

We had more fun weather when I got back, but it all stayed north of us, and we only got three hundredths of an inch of rain.  It was a scorcher tho today, heat index at the house was measured at 110 degrees.  Jeepers, this humidity makes it feel like Houston up here.

Chris is sitting next to me typing away (she’s an angry typer like James is), and sadly enough, between that and the TV, and Scooter walking over to have a seat, I’ll probably be doing my cough-snore in the next half hour.

Tomorrow is another busy one.  I’m in town, but it seems to be an interview laden day.  Have some in person ones, and I’m double booked part of the day.  It sure is fun to be in demand!  Anyway….  zzzzzzzz…

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