Back at the airport

Well, along with many other travelers, I was stranded last night in Boston.  After hearing that the first available flight out was 8:00pm TODAY, I had them get creative.  I start a journey through LaGuardia to Dallas to try to get home.  Weather everywhere caused major issues, and it was not until sitting on the planbe for a good hour before they realized it would be cancelled.

No worries for me.  Sucks for sure, but nothing you can do about it.  Boy there were plenty pissed off people tho.  Holy crap.

So I stayed in Downtown Boston last night and walked up to Quicncy Market (as you could see).  Had some decent grub, and bought a new shirt and underthangs to at least have some resemblence of clean clothes.  I’m sure that Chris will be the ultimate “sniff” test.

We’re headed to the lake this weekend, but due to the high water & rain, we’re not going to hang the whole time.  Lakefest was officially moved, so we are hoping for better weather when we do that.  Speaking of rain, we’re all doing our anti-rain dances to have a dry 4th of July!

OK, time to head to the gate…

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