Wow, the pissed off traveler returns

So this time, it was just one guy, and I think he was a little drunk.

Scratch that, he was a lot drunk.

I walked into this quaint little bar inside the airport here at CLT, and as I’m looking for a place to plug in the laptop (yes, n3rd all the way), I walked past this guy talking to the bartender.  Then as I set down my stuff, I hear the guy start escalating his voice.

Drunkie: “This Budwieser was total CRAP!”

Bartender: “Sir, you ordered a Bud Light.”

Drunkie: “You even said this was crap!  YOU SAID!”

Bartender: “…”

Drunkie: “You are a JERK!  (to the bar) THIS GUY IS A JERK!”

This goes on for another full 2 minutes, and the guy finally staggers out.  Jeepers…. If you are going to have a beer, 1) learn how to hold your liquor and 2) don’t do that.  Ever.  Especially in an airport. You dumbass.

Well, as I type this, the fire alarm just went off, so I’m going to post this now and worry about the fire alarm.  No one is running or screaming, so I think I’m probably OK.

Maybe drunkie pulled it thinking it was the lever to stop the bus he was riding on.

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