New Trixbox!

For the office phone, I’ve been running VoIP for close to three years.  Things have been shaky as I started with Vonage with a Comcast combo, and then got better as I moved to Fios.  Then I had enough and went to a Trixbox setup and TelIAX.  Things have been OK at best.  Some days are really great, some days are rough.  Today, one of TelIAX’s providers totally crapped out and gave some of their customers (including me) a nice 3 hour outage.

So I figured I’d take the plunge and upgradoe Trixbox to version 2.2.  Worked like a hose.  Things are up and running with minimal issues.  Had the same fread() issue that most have had, but the forums helped me fixed that with no worries.  I hope that future upgrades are just as easy!

Thanks Trixbox team!

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