Mac Attack!

So, I’ve had the weekend (and James’s help to show me some advanced features) to goof around with the new Mac.  I have 4 words for you.

Holy Thor’s Hammer, Batman!

Apple has done QUITE a number on OS-X.  The last Mac I had ran OS9, and this is the first real exposure to OS-X I have had.  Many of us agree at work that we’d rather carry these around than our current laptops.  With the virualization technology (I have not tried this yet), I bet we could be super duper effective.  And this way, we could all work inside the corporate image and hopefully have easy to manage (from the corporate IT perspective) images.  Hell, I bet some of us would carry personal laptops with corporate virtualized images just to have a nicely customized environment to make us efficient.

Now I guess would be time to visit Vista and see how that experience differs.

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