Week coming to a close

Well it has been a few days since I posted. Mainly because during the work week, we don’t get to do much sight seeing. In fact, we’ve easily been pulling 12 hour days. Chris made it OK. There was a snafu in her flight arriving at Porto Alegre, and I did not get the correct flight schedules back from the airline. Chris was only waiting for me for about 15-20 minutes tho, so it’s not too bad. I still feel guilty for not being there when she walked through the baggage claim doors.

We are wrapping up our on-site client work today. We still need some minor things to finish everything up, but then we will be golden. Sucks though as I wanted to be finished by now. Looks like it will be an afternoon finish.

So far, we’ve been sticking close to the neighborhood that our hotel is in. Chris went to Shopping Total yesterday, even took a couple of cabs without incident. Of course, around this part of Brazil, that is to be expected. Our neighborhood is quite safe. Some people call this town the San Francisco of Brazil.

The weekend starts tonight! We’re going to go have a nice dinner at a place near our hotel. Not sure if we are walking there yet, it’s a little warm out here now. We can’t seem to get an accurate number, but it appears to be somewhere between 87 degrees and 99 degress. Hot.

After that, maybe a brew or 2 around the neighborhood, and get some rest for a big weekend. We’ve not planned all of our sights out yet, but we have a few good ideas.

More later!

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