Que? Sinto dor no meus ouvido.

Last night was a little bit later for us than usual. We ate a late dinner that consisted of appetizers. We did not need much food after the big lunch we had. After that, we waited for one of our new Brazilian friends, Marco, to pick us up at the hotel for a night out. People get started late around here… especially single ones. We didn’t leave the hotel until 11pm.

Marco picked us up, and took us to a club. This three story establishment offered food, dancing, and a lounge area. There was a LONG line to get in, but Marco knew the manager. We were able to sneak in the back door. Whee!

The lounge area was PACKED until just before midnight when people began moving downstairs to dance. It was quite loud in there, and both James & I have had our fill of clubs for the trip. Even today we are trying to figure out if that music we hear is in our heads or actually playing. Gotta love Techno.

So as we are heading out, we wanted to catch a taxi. We flagged one down, showed him our key card, and he started pointing out the windshield. In our limited ability to understand Portuguese, we didn’t understand that he was trying to tell us that our hotel was just a few blocks in front of us. There are many one-way streets where we are, and Marco drove for 10 minutes before we arrived at the club. The club was roughly 4 blocks from our hotel.

So the frustrated taxi driver just slammed it in first and took off, clearly upset that his spot in the Taxi line would be wasted by 2 Americans that he cannot communicate with. We arrived about 2 minutes later, unscathed, and James gave him a big tip.

Right now, we are working at the office, but there are activities planned for later this afternoon. We’re still trying to figure out what is going on, but I brought my camera with me. I hope to have some good pictures!

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