How do you say Separate Checks in Portuguese?

I tell you, our biggest challenge here is definitely the language. Many say that Portuguese is similar to Spanish; and in some repsects it is. But pronounciation has elements of French, English and also some Eastern Europe languages. Listening to the soft “R” has brought me back to my French days, and in fact, I could understand some of the french dialogue that was being used by our waitress last night.

James & I are planning on trying to take a quick crash course in Portuguese this weekend. Trodding around the city should be interesting. Last night we went to a place called “Shopping Total,” which consisted of a mall area and some eateries. The beer here is alive with flavor, and can taste the German influence. We have not found any dark beer to try yet, but maybe that is because it is late Spring here and the weather is warmer.

I’ve been posting pictures from various areas in the MoBlog, but if you are looking for hot women, this Treo camera just does not do it justice. Porto Alegre has very beautiful women, but I would argue that you see the same “hotness” in various areas Texas such as Dallas or Austin. What you DON’T see is the sensuality, or the sexual nature of the woman walking by.

For example, it is more rare to NOT see part of a woman’s midriff as you pass by her on the street. Spandex & Lycra with heels are very popular–even in the workplace! Something that has been mastered here is the ability to wear EXTREMELY low jeans, and not have a whale tail advertising to the world. In fact, you don’t even see many coin slots. Quite interesting indeed.

We had lunch at a Churrasco, or “brazilian barbecue.” Holy moly, I’m going to need to eat rabbit food for at LEAST a day. Same type of setup as the Fogo de Chou; which Porto Alegre is home to the original! Food was awesome. Never been to Fogo de Chou, but I have been to Texas de Brazil.


It’s taken me about 6 hours between meeting breaks to post this. I think I’m going to finish up the day now!

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