Boom! Boom! Boom! Mr. Brown makes thunder!

So about 5:35 this am we hear this BOOMING crack of thunder. Lightning brightens up the room, and the sound wakes me up out of a nice dream (you know, dreaming of beer). Was one of those times that you shoot straight up in bed after hearing the noise. I calmly collected myself, then laid back down as I was planning on getting up in a few minutes anyway. A few more big cracks of thunder, then the power goes out.

Well, mostly.

The A/C went out with most of the lights in the room for sure. But you could still turn on the light over the door, and the light in the shower. So I got ready to go in the semi-dark, knocked on James’s door (across the hall), and he was just about ready also. I assume the power fluctuates frequently in that hotel as they had some areas under generator power (such as the Elevators. We were daring!).

This afternoon, we’ve been hearing a mix of commercial jets & fighter jets taking off from the Porto Alegre airport. There have been issues with three of the airports here in Brazil today, where many flights have been cancelled or delayed. Thankfully, neither the main Sao Paulo or Porto Alegre airports have been affected thus far. That means that Chris should have an OK time getting in!

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