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Whaa Happen????

Sunday, July 16th, 2006

Well folks, it’s been quite some time since I blogged. Why? Mainly cause I’ve not been motivated lately. Been super busy with work, wrapping up the summer term at UD. Travel has been a bear! Honestly, I think Chris has more updates about me than I have had lately. The only exception to that, of course, is my mobile blog. That is updated quite frequently.

I did get time off around the holidays though, and it was quite nice. Most of my time was spent watching Garrett grow up, but I did have time to read a book, learn a new programming language & framework (new to me that is), and implement GTD.

Last week was only a half travel week. I was out in the Bay Area for the beginning part of the week. Man, the weather is so nice out there. I was actually cold in long sleeves & jeans. Sure beats the 105 degree heat we are having right now. 15 minutes of work around the pool and in the garage caused some nasty sweat. Ick.

Today I finally went through the Texas Hunter Education course. I did the home study, which saved me a day, but the instructor really hosed us. Not only did 4 hours of classroom turn into 3 hours of classroom and 2.5 hours of sales on the range, but the frantic studying I did when I showed up was really not needed. When I arrived, I was told that I was to get a harder test, and had to score higher than everyone else. It did pay off tho, I only missed one question. Lee is going to punch me when he finds out which one. The good news is, I already knew I was deficient there and will work on fixing it.

I’m scared for our future. There were several teens in the class (Dove Season opens in about 6.5 weeks) and their relaxed attitude towards everything was alarming. When I do hunt, I am going to be sure I am on a private lease. Course, that does not stop one of those clowns from jumping a fence…

One of them was trying to figure out when their fishing license expired (they all expire at the end of August in Texas), and the statement that followed out of this guy’s mouth absolutely astounded me. Now this next part, you have to read out loud to really get the full effect. He said, “It says ‘eight, thirty-one, oh-six.’ I don’t know when that is!”

Uhh…. WHAT?!?!

Truly saddened. Oh, and here’s another thing. With all the standardized tests that students have to take, and the ubiquitous nature of the Scantron, how is it that these teens get lost on filling out standard blocks such as Name, Address, Zip Code, and Birthday? I’m not too far removed from being one of those “Damn Kids” myself, but I certainly remember my fair share of standardized testing and filling out all that garbage. I seem to remember it being an annual occurrence until I graduated. Sure, TAAS was over as a sophomore for most of us, but then there was the SAT, ACT & CLEP.


Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, it’s time to go grab another beverage, chill out, and try to stay cool in this heat!