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Enjoy the clean-house

Monday, February 27th, 2006

Was going through some salvaged posts from “Days of Old” and just decided to end those Wow, I’m so glad that my posts are substantive now (hah!!).

So today was a longer day. Spent the first four hours catching up on work, then spent the next 4 working on the stuff I couldn’t while catching up. Then 3 more in the stuff I still needed to to for today. Man I need an assistant.

I was futzing around on eBay today and saw some 20Ds that are coming down in price. The 30D has been announced! I’m thinking of selling the Rebel and trading up! Maybe I can do some actual for-profit gigs to finance the equipment. Oh well, at least I’m building the portfolio, maybe I can sell it one day.

Kiddo is doing well! He is almost a year old now! At this point I would normally insert a cliche about how time flies, but instead, I’ll point you to an album of the kiddo in the tub. Such a ham.

Anyway… I’m out for now. Going to get some sleep and try to avoid a cold!


Sunday, February 12th, 2006

Yeah, been super busy. We’ve got a ton of bigtime work projects going on, I’ve got my 2 classes to teach, and of course the wife and kiddo to keep me on my toes the rest of the time.

Next week I’m out to Arkansas for the week, so look for lots of Mobile Blog shots from there. Also got a big weekend planned! Time to celebrate the end of bachelorhood for someone close! It will definitely be a very fun and safe night, and we’ll try to keep everyone out of the slammer. At least we’re not traveling for this one.

New air conditioner for the Upstairs is emminent. I am also considering turning my closet into a makeshift cold room, but that is another story for another day. Chat you folks later!