So finally, after having Gallery 2 on my server for a while, I decided to get on the moblog bandwagon. I invite you to take advantage of my mobile blogging as I travel around the country for work at You can BET that will be updated more frequently than this text stuff!

Other than that, today was relatively boring. Yet another test server not cooperating, yet another room in the house cleaned. This time, THE OFFICE! Oh man, you would not recognize it MOM & DAD if you saw it now. You will ogle my new closet space and wonder what I did with everything. Well… some of it is out in the trash can. Three bags worth. I actually have a full shelf and a half of space in my bookcase to put stuff! W00t on that!

Oh, congrats to Angie & Brent on the birth of their new baby!

So anyway, we’re preparing for a very small party at the house tomorrow. It’s good that it is small. I think we may have Mom & Dad host New Years for awhile. We’ve got SuperBowl & 4th of July. I hope you all enjoy your days tomorrow!

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