Spam is a beating.

The thing is, Spam is not limited to email anymore, and that really hacks me off. Thankfully, I’ve installed a newer version of blog software that helps quell out a ton of that spam. Unfortunately, that does not prevent my logs from filling up with that crap. I’ve got to get a good stat software setup so I can start rotating these logs out.

Halloween was pretty good last night! We only had about half of the kids that we used to get in McKinney. It was definitely our first, and I get the feeling that our street is not known for shelling out the best candy ever. We still have about a bag left, and we were giving out handfuls. Usually 4-7 pieces per kid. Well, except for the one kid who showed up without a costume and his hand out. He got one, and I gave extra to his pals. Greatness…

Yesterday (on and off until it was working) I got a bunch of new Debian packages put together for our team. I learned a shit-ton about dpkg again, and am starting to feel very comfortable building binary, kernel & non-binary packages for distribution to our team. They are not the prettiest in the world, but they work, and I try to keep them compliant with the Debian Policy manual as much as can be allowed (I violated it with one package, but it’s not too bad. Saves me from manually patching kernel drivers with every release).

We had to get a new garage door opener. The spring needed a little tensioning and the track needed to be lubed. Once I got all that going and correctly installed a couple of bracing bolts (and paid the bill for the guy who came out and lubed it up), we’re rocking and rolling again. So nice to have things that work well.

At any rate, I’m going to head out to lunch now (and try to figure out why my Treo is screwed up again).

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