Ahh the lovely techology fun

Went nuts yesterday. Got WPA going on my wireless. What? I was not WPA prior to yesterday? Yeh, I was. I was doing the WPA-PSK deal. Nice fat dictionary word to do it for me. Now, I’m going WPA EAP-TTLS, with certs & usernames/passwords. Too much? Probably. But the good news is I got it working with freeware tools and I have the experience in doing it!

Next project on the list is replacing Sphinx. He has served me well, but he is getting REALLY slow. Takes about 20 minutes to compile a firewall ruleset. I’m moving solid state. CF storage! The only moving parts in the box will be the fans that cool it. I hope to get all that loot over the next week so I can get going!

At any rate, that’s the techie in me signing out. Got travel tomorrow & thursday to worry about.

Fokker out!

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