Chillin on Sunday

Getting ready to go out of town for business today (that part sucks), but right now we’re enjoying it. Got the games going and watching Indy struggle.

Was in Pittsburgh this week, and had the first aborted landing. We’re in an MD-80 and its night time, flying in and about 200 ft over the runway/ground. All the sudden, I hear the pilot shove the throttles to the stops (so much so that the plane started shaking a little from the added power of them SUPER engines), nose up struggling to gain altitude, and gear up. Pass over the runway. Apparently, the OTHER flight that got in that hour was still on the runway. If you have been to the Pittsuburgh airport lately, you probably don’t understand. Almost 100 gates, and at 9pm the whole place was closed and boarded up.

So that was fun. Headed to Austin this week. Oh and congrats to my son Garrett for winning the football pool last week! His tried and true method of picking the prettiest helmet to him and sticking it in his mouth seems to be beating everyone’s systems. Yes, that means better than Gail’s spreadsheets, better than Trav’s “How many Aggies are on the team” method, and definitely better than whatever method Dad still uses. Dad would do so much better if he would make his picks, then choose the opposite team. Greatness.

So anyway…. out for a few days. Catch ya on the flip side.

Oh and check out this crazy video of my kid laughing at a cup. (Sorry about the broken link)

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