Time for some lake fun.

It’s been a busy week. Down to Austin for a couple of days, here for a while, St. Paul & Vegas in a week or so. I hope to make platinum soon!

Class is almost over! We have 2 more classes for the live class, 2 weeks for the online, and I’m ready to be done (just as much as the students are). It’s been a busy semester, and I can use the break. It is difficult to be on this side of the table as well I am finding.

Tomorrow, we are heading down to the lake for the weekend. Man I am looking forward to it. I will be enjoying not only the break from the mundane, but also the water. Hopefully the lake will be very calm early in the mornings so I can get some nice glassy surfaces for skiing.

Time to go to sleep now, been working enough on different things and I’m exhausted!

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