Day off!

Man, what a great time for a breather! Actually I realized that I was not accruing vacation days anymore and I had maxxed out. So I decided to take a day now, some later, and many more later as well. It is so far working out quite well!

We took the kiddo for his first swim today! Be looking for pictures on his gallery soon. Also, everyone has left us for Hawaii now. Well, everyone on my side anyway. I picked up Ash’s car from the aeropuerto today (oh Ash, btw… Spell phonetically when saying Terminal C, level 21 D next time… would be helpful Thanks for the early fathers day gift!) and they are all landed by now. It promises to be a really amazing trip, and we both wish we could be a part of it. BUT! We are VERY happy we did not agree to go with the kiddo. We would not have enjoyed ourselves as much.

I’ve been pulling peppers off the plants! Up until today, we have had no Serrano peppers growing, but we do now! Just one, but that plant is ready to sprout many, many more! I’m preparing for my Dublin trip, and I will have many pictures for you! We got ourselves a little compact digicam so I don’t have to drag one of the SLRs over. I feel much better about it.

At any rate….. I’m going to go throw steaks on the grill now… More soon.

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