Cut the wires booch!

Slowly starting! I’ve gotten the cable nest a bit more trimmed back. My new wireless keyboard & mouse is very tasty. Still working on the KVM issues though. I believe I might have come across a solution. I’m going to try and use a different kind of feed cable for the monitor. I’m using one with ferrite beads right now, but I’ve heard those can still cause problems. We’ll see if the super shielded Belkin one can stand up.

I’m also re-coding the weather portion of the site. I’ve hacked up the Vanprod perl script by Stan Sander to move values to a database. The database is something I’ll be needing to watch over At any rate, I’ve been collecting and things are working well so far. I may need to find a way to sample more to get better graphs, but right now there is data for every minute. Do you want to know more?

Here’s to hoping the landscape guy shows up tomorrow to give us a hand in reshaping our flower beds…

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