Am I the asshole?

Ok… BEFORE you answer….

So I’m in the D/FW Airport yesterday, coming home from a quickie down in Houston, and we pull up to the A-2 terminal. Some of you are saying “What the hell is A-2?” Others are saying “OOOoo… I feel your pain.”.

It’s this tiny little satellite terminal built just for American Eagle flights, i.e., those tiny puddle jumpers that the pilots fly the same way a cocky 18 year old would drive a Vette, the one that is “out on the tarmac” and you have to take a shuttle to get there. The “jet bridges” are more like plastic wrapped scaffolding on wheels and are just wide enough for one person to squeeze through to get down to the ground level. It was definitely an experience, and I sure as hell did not feel like I was a D/FW Airport. More along the lines of say an airport you might find in Fargo.

So here’s the asshole part. Let’s just pose a situation for you and see what you think. Say for instance, that your means of rapid movement limited your options to a wheelchair in an airport. You can shuffle your feet, but moving 10 feet takes about 2 minutes (Yes, I clocked this). If this were you, would you…

a) Board the plane first with those that need additional assistance and deplane last after everyone else has left?


b) Board the plane first, and use the FIFO method of deplaning, thus holding up EVERYONE behind you as you move to the wheelchair?

Personally, I know if I were in that situation, I would ensure that I chose “A”, thus causing the least amount of inconvenience to any traveler in general, much less those in a hurry to reach connecting flights. Not this guy. We were foiled by him TWICE. Second time was getting off the bus to get back to the main terminal! Wow, how frustrating. I think the worst part was when he was standing in the doorway of the bus, TALKING to people before getting out of the way.

If that makes me an asshole, well, I’m probably already in that category regardless of this incident.

I did get home safe and sound, that is the important part. Played with the kiddo for a bit while Mama went to Wal-Mart (don’t wanna hear it James). Then hit the Gaylord Texan for a quick beer or two with Leslie. Back at home today, and still reeling from the server room fun from yesterday. That was a blast.

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