Who reads the paper?

Funny, cause Dad always likes to jab me a bit when it comes to reading the paper. “Oh, you wouldn’t know because you don’t get the paper,” and “There is some really important stuff in there, you really should get the paper.” Phoooey. But after all the kicking me in the balls, there is an article that should have caught his attention that did not.

I met a neat reporter from the Dallas Morning News as he is covering a bill that is trying to be passed around Broadband over Power Lines, or BPL. Well it passed through the Texas Senate, and it is now going to the House. Anyway… I talked to Sudeep about it and this article (oh quit complaining, use bugmenot.com) was on the front page of the Business section of the Saturday Paper. You might notice a couple of quotes from someone you know…

Anyway… I’m off to get on the outside chores, so I can then work on the INSIDE chores!

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