That’s MY beer!

So Randy, Jeff & myself are up in St. Paul this morning and we decide that since nothing is really tying us to the St. Paul office, we’ll try to catch an earlier flight home. After extricating ourselves, we head back (and hit EVERY damn light on the way) to the airport and go through all of those silly motions (rental car, check-in, stand-by, security checkpoint, etc.) and get on the stand-by list.

Oh hehe, Randy got stopped this time through. Apparently we Texan’s sometimes forget that when we get a new belt, it might respond like a Glock .45 would. Oops.

Before I continue, I should note a few things. This was a quick trip. All of my luggage was carryon. One of our consultants is from Canada and we were doing an exchange of sorts. I was bringing him some special spices, and he was going to bring me some beer. So, I’ve got a 6-pack of beer now in my roller board that I’m going to carry on the plane.

We get there and sit down for a quick bite. Then the gate agent shows up and I run up there and see how bad the stand-by list is. It’s bad. Even with gold status, it’s not looking promising. Boarding time is 1:46, but they say they will hand out passes to stand-by folks after 2:00. Flight leaves at 2:16. Ok, whatever, they will board late.


They boarded the ENTIRE flight, and THEN assigned stand-by. What does that mean for Brando? His approved roller board gets checked! I’ll be damned if I’m checking a bag with 6 bottles of tasty beer in it. I personally like my luggage dry.

Well….. I get called and am the last stand-by to get on. Sorry Jeff & Randy. Hosed. So I get all the way down the jet bridge and unzip my suitcase, whip out the 6-pack, and zip back up.

Why does everyone INSIST on being a comedian when some dude walks on an airplane carrying a 6-pack of beer? “Generic Joke Here!” and “Haha, generic jab there.” Jeebus…. I stuck it up in the overhead compartment, took my middle seat and read home. Boy did I want to crack open one and just chug. Screw paying $5 for a beer in coach.

Anyway… I made it home, safe & sound. Got my new IOGear MiniView KVM switch. Still playing around, but so far, digging it

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