Cube-farm Fun

You know, working from home I get to be removed from the Office Space like fun of the cube-farm. On the rare occasion I am placed in one for a client (I personally prefer conference rooms), it always amuses me what people say. It’s worse than standing in line at Starbucks around smoke-break time.

Sitting next to me today (THE WINNER IS…..), there is some project manager who is totally bitching at someone over the phone and has been for the last 20 minutes. Even the refuge of the iPod has not totally drowned her out. Her voice kinda has that trashy-hot ditzy tone, but I’d prefer not to really run into her because I know I’d just get a kick out of messing with her, and that is probably not a classy professional consultant thing to do.

(Turning up iPod volume again)

Jeez. Oh and speaking of winning the prize, on the flight up here today there were a couple of groups of folks flying together. One group was comprised of a gaggle of women in their 30s-40s that I have no idea where they were off to. I’m watching down the isle as some of these people board and all the sudden I see a lady with these oversized novelty star sunglasses. And I won apparently, because she sat next to me! whee. Luckily, I was pretty engrossed in catching up on my reading and she did not take too much opportunity to chat.

(the bitch fest continues)

Anyway… I’m off to enjoy someone else’s cube for another few minutes before quitting time.

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