Yep, I was banned from ladders for 6 months, but dammit if I needed to get the anemometer cable situation all taken care of. The way we left it was pretty bad. Although the long cable idea was halfway working, I think Dad was right about cable length. There just did not seem to be the voltage on the line to get the full signal back to the unit. I solved my problem by getting a wireless addon to just the anemometer which is now hanging on the chimney facing south (solar powered).

So I threw an A-Frame up there (I will still stay away from extension ladders for a while) and got it all fixed up. No more phone cable strewn across the lawn or through gutters. It’s all happy day now.

My shoulder is still pretty sore, but other than that I’ve just got a colorful reminder of my fall from a measly four feet. I was not even doing anything cool. Bummer.

This week is not nearly as busy as last, but we hope to complete the week by getting the antennas up on the house. I’m ready for this nice radio I bought to receive more than just TheTicket. Otherwise, right now it’s just a VERY expensive AM radio. I painted the tripod black yesterday with some semi-gloss Rustoleum and it looks sweet. Going to do the antenna today. Would have done it yesterday, but I ran out of daylight. Sucks that the primer I bought is the same color as the antenna, white. I’m going to have to sand it down a bit I think.

Anyway… out for now.

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