Next time you see me…

Please punch me in the arm. Hard. But only my right arm right now. Why you ask?

Well… I got a weather station and was putting the anonemeter up on the house. I was on the roof, everything was fine. I go around back to staple the cable to the house and after a few ladder moves, I am up on the house one second, and on the concrete the next. I only fell 4 feet so it was not enough time for me to do anything other than think “What??”

So after running to the horsepistol, it seems that I have only sprained my wrist & shoulder on the left arm, and finger on the right. Nice lesson to learn, though I won’t get to test out my new found ladder knowledge until 6 months goes by apparently. I’ve been banned.

The anonemeter seems to work, but I need Matt to help me route cabling today. Maybe sometime soon Kevin can come help me put this antenna on the roof since I will have no means to get up there for a while.

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