Driving & Cellphones…. WAY crazy.

No, this is not the kind of post I am sure some of you think it is. Oh boy, here is another wacky post about some ass-clown who can’t drive while he/she is on the phone. YES he/she, although it seems like there are more SHE problems than HE. Sexist driving comments aside, I think I might have seen the most ridiculous scene while walking from one concourse to another in the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport this morning.

You know those carts they have that can drive you from terminal to terminal (or if you are like me, from gate E10 to gate E11–neener, I’m a bastard)? Some chick was driving this thing and talking on her cell phone!! How ridiculous is that? And guess what, she definitely could not master the pat/rub like actions that are required for navigating a battery operated cart and dishing about how fat Sherry is getting. She tapped a trash can, and about ran down a surprisingly hot flight attendant that was rushing to G concourse.

As I was speed-walking for my life, I heard some other chick ask if she could “catch a ride” on the slow-crash-mobile. While I’m thinking I don’t want to be involved in any sort of accident that might cause me to be delayed because of an insurance inquiry (what am I talking about delay… I’m here at the airport now and this was about an hour ago), this chick is thinking, “Hrm… this will be just like when I drive and talk on my phone! I’m safe!” Whatever.

Looking forward to heading home to see the kiddo and I’m hoping to take tomorrow slow so I can hang with family and help Dad with the boat.

Heh, some guy just about wiped out in front of me. Silly bastard.

On that one, I’ll see you back in Dallas.

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