Thank you Verizon! They only missed 2 appointments (was supposed to be hooked up on Thursday), but it’s all working fine now. I’ve just got the base package (15 down/2 up), but I’ll be looking at possibly moving up in the world to the 30/10 just for fun. It comes with Static IPs etc and I might be able to use that flexibility. I’m pretty close to major exchanges too, only about 3 hops where with Comcast it was more like 9.

When I called to cancel the Comcast, they asked why I was cancelling. Instead of just letting the guy have it, I said “I’ve just not been happy with the reliability of the service lately, and Verizon just dropped fiber in my house for less than your cable.” Surprisingly enough, the guy did not ask any other questions, but just asked if someone would be home this friday so they could pick up their equipment. Heh, you betcha!

So now I’ve been milking the VPN connection between Dad & I for all it’s worth. I’ve got his 5 gig on a regular backup schedule now, and I’m transferring my stuff over there. Guess I need to pay attention to his network security too

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