Like a Rock? My ass…

This is the 3rd GM car I have personally owned, though we have had many GM cars throughout both of our lives (Chris and mine), and my parents used to be exclusive GM customers. I’m driving to pick up dinner and at 62K miles, my ’02 Chevy Tahoe transmission decides it will destroy itself. What the hell? 62K miles!?? That ain’t no rock I’ve ever heard of.

So it appears that I am going to be out a few grand to get a replacement. I will say, I’m glad it happened now instead of driving through traffic to get my laboring wife to the hospital to give birth. Boy, that would have been a fun day.

I called GM and told them my story and they basically want me to take it to a local dealer for diagnosis at MY COST and then MAYBE they MIGHT do something for me. Thats bullshit if I ever heard of it. The right thing to do would be to stand behind the product. I am perfectly willing to pay part of the cost, but the way GM wants it, I could get nothing. They want a commitment from me without a commitment from them. Blind faith is somthing I reserve for religion, not car repair.

Anyway… thats my lovely story. Instead of enjoying my day off on Monday, I’ll probably be heading for the torture chambers.

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