Yeah uhm… well…

Yeh, James updates his blog, but has he blogged? Not so much. Though he did have a quick bout of food poisoning, so maybe that’s part of it. Who knows. I’ll be chilling with him on Thursday in Austin. Luckily enough, my hotel is on 6th Street. Go figure.

We FINALLY got the rest of the baby furniture pieces in today, and there was still a pretty big chunk taken out. Its at the top and not very noticeable, but sheesh. QC is definitely an issue, as is their ability to pack materials for shipping. Dad came by and after about an hour of assembly, we have a nice looking armoire.

Well, we’re pretty pathetic. Staying home tonight, trying to get well. Gonna wish Brent a Happy 30th Birfday tomorrow so that will be fun Anyway… Hi to Katy, Cooper and soon Matt when he gets home finally. Hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll catch you on the flip side.

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