More girly by the day

Sorry I have not written in a while, been busy with work, new kid stuff, etc. This week I went up to St. Paul for our regional Holiday party which was quite a bit of fun. Sandy hooked us up with massages and manicures at Mell’s Beauty Bar in downtown Minneapolis.

Woh, wait a tick, did you say Manicure? Yep… And I got one. Not so bad I might add! When I am doing more schmoozing and getting more face time with clients, you bet I’ll be doing it more regularly. Just one of those simple little image things that makes a difference.

Yesterday and today I was delivering a workshop for one of our clients. Man, that was a little stressful. Not only had I never done one before, I was just not very comfortable with the material. As a matter of fact, my co-worker pretty much put the whole thing together and all I did was stand up and talk for 3 hours each day. Alas, its finished, and now I am all about getting work finished and signed.

SuperBowl is coming up! WOOT!!!! Damn I’m looking forward to it. Oh, and the Baby Pool is up to $220. Call me if you want in!

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