Yeh, its been a while, wanna fight about it?

Sorry…. Been busy. I was out all last week in San Francisco for a company outing. Why do those damn Californian’s have to put pine nuts in everything? Sheesh. Anyway…

We made some serious progress this weekend on house related items. I got all of my year-end recordkeeping done and cleaned up my office. Pretty nice to be able to see most of the floor. All of the new pool equipment is in and operational. Running quite nicely actually. We painted the baby’s room and are having the finishing touches put on tomorrow. James came by and helped us build the baby furniture. We only got one full piece built (of the three) due to shipping issues with the carrier and broken pieces. Hopefully we will get it all fixed up by the time he arrives.

Had a very sad football weekend as my Colts were knocked out of it by the Patriots. Wouldn’t it be weird if we had a rookie play a pretty-much rookie in the superbowl (ATL-PIT)?

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