Man, what is up with this weather?

I walked outside today and just about froze my nads off. Holy Crap! At least there was not any snow on the ground, and the only ice was fairly easy to get around. Not quite the picture that was painted by a couple of local news agencies. So after about 10 minutes of warming the car up and searching for my weather-shriveled nads, I was on my way to Ft. Worth to do some client work. Damn I love living here now. The location is just fantabulous.

I love the NFL.

So, Andrea Yates gets a retrial cause one of the prosecution witnesses thought he was re-enacting a scene from Law & Order? Lovely. Oh!! I’m an expert! I’ve seen LOTS of episodes! That’s almost as rediculous as Britney Spears wanting to go back to college to become a crime scene investigator. CSI: Britney! I smell a sitcom!

Anyway… I’m out to finish working. Almost made it until 5pm without the wife getting mad at me. I’d say that’s a red-letter day!

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