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Back to solving problems

Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Well, we completed our last childbirth class last night. Now its practice time! We’ve been told that practicing at least 2 good contractions per night will help her become a natural. I just keep thinking Bill Cosby’s stand-up routine…

So we get back and I decide that I should finish working on a problem that I had spent the better part of yesterday on. We’ve got a wireless assessment coming up, and I wanted to really pull out all the stops. I got my GPS all ready to hook into Kismet, but alas, my craptop does not have a serial port! So now its battling with USB & Linux. Finally got that all fixed up (only took a FEW kernel recompiles) and I got all the components talking together. Of course as always, I got a little punchy and got USB working nicely, but oops, I removed PCMCIA support. A few swears and a kernel recompile later, I was rocking and/or rolling.

So I finally got to bed around 1am, and came back up here at 7ish to continue working. I’m getting close!!!

Anyway, time for a conference call… Superbowl is just over a week away!!

Yep, another week, another post

Monday, January 24th, 2005

Wow… What a disappointing finish to the NFL season. It would have been great to see the Eagles get pounded back yet again and to see Vick accelerate to the big game. Oh well, looks like Ms. McNabb will have to be feeding those Eagles lots-o-chunky soup.

As much as I really don’t want to see the Pats go for another Super Bowl which would tie the Cowboys, I REALLY don’t want to see the Eagles win a Super Bowl… at all. I don’t think I could stand a year of commercials depicting Ms. McNabb taking all the players on a tour of the Campbell’s Chunky Soup factory in lieu of Disney Land. So as much as it will pain me, I’ll be rooting on them Pats hardcore.

We have our last childbirth class tomorrow, so I’ll be looking forward to spending Tuesdays in Flower Mound instead of driving all over the metroplex. The surprising news is that it only takes 35 minutes (no traffic) to get from that place in McKinney to our house. Odd how navigating all those inner city streets really chews up time.

At any rate, time for me to work or something…. Thanks to Ash, Wade, Mom & Dad for watching Michael Vick get pounded with us yesterday

How old are you?

Wednesday, January 19th, 2005

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Yeh, its been a while, wanna fight about it?

Wednesday, January 19th, 2005

Sorry…. Been busy. I was out all last week in San Francisco for a company outing. Why do those damn Californian’s have to put pine nuts in everything? Sheesh. Anyway…

We made some serious progress this weekend on house related items. I got all of my year-end recordkeeping done and cleaned up my office. Pretty nice to be able to see most of the floor. All of the new pool equipment is in and operational. Running quite nicely actually. We painted the baby’s room and are having the finishing touches put on tomorrow. James came by and helped us build the baby furniture. We only got one full piece built (of the three) due to shipping issues with the carrier and broken pieces. Hopefully we will get it all fixed up by the time he arrives.

Had a very sad football weekend as my Colts were knocked out of it by the Patriots. Wouldn’t it be weird if we had a rookie play a pretty-much rookie in the superbowl (ATL-PIT)?

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Preparing for class

Sunday, January 9th, 2005

Fun stuff…. Re-recording lectures takes FOREVER. I’ve noticed when I get tired, I make many more mistakes in my audio. Takes forever to edit.

Man, what is up with this weather?

Thursday, January 6th, 2005

I walked outside today and just about froze my nads off. Holy Crap! At least there was not any snow on the ground, and the only ice was fairly easy to get around. Not quite the picture that was painted by a couple of local news agencies. So after about 10 minutes of warming the car up and searching for my weather-shriveled nads, I was on my way to Ft. Worth to do some client work. Damn I love living here now. The location is just fantabulous.

I love the NFL.

So, Andrea Yates gets a retrial cause one of the prosecution witnesses thought he was re-enacting a scene from Law & Order? Lovely. Oh!! I’m an expert! I’ve seen LOTS of episodes! That’s almost as rediculous as Britney Spears wanting to go back to college to become a crime scene investigator. CSI: Britney! I smell a sitcom!

Anyway… I’m out to finish working. Almost made it until 5pm without the wife getting mad at me. I’d say that’s a red-letter day!

Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 1st, 2005

Well, we had another successful run of parties. We are just arriving back home from Lee & Mary’s after enjoying a great new years party at my parents house. I’m exhausted, so is Chris. We’re going to spend tomorrow recovering and preparing for the week ahead. Child birth classes are starting on Tuesday. Whee!