Almost done…

Yep, getting closer and closer. Mowed the yard this weekend (damn this Rye grass. Its going to die very soon…) and I just realized I forgot to put out the trash. Dag-nabbit.

Our alarm system was activated yesterday, and the smoke detectors showed they could wake us up in the middle of the night quite nicely. Damn those things are loud. Apparently, they were dirty. Fixed that.

Today our new mattress arrived. Quite excellent! We can’t sleep on it yet tho, but our furniture arrives tomorrow. Unfortunately, Chris may have to coordinate its placement without me as I have a 10:30am meeting downtown to handle. Fun.

Leslie may stop by tomorrow, and she’ll be able to see the finished product! Good Stuff! Also, I should have her pictures for her. Hopefully.

ANYWAY…. Running off to bed now. XMas at Meema’s this weekend and the first weekend with the sweet new furniture!

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