Happy THanksgivings and such

Hope everyone had a good one!

I was browsing the recently released music this week on iTunes and found the Beyond the Sea soundtrack. This movie comes out in a couple of weeks and is based on Bobby Darin’s life and his relationship with Sandra Dee. Unlike Jamie Foxx in Ray, Kevin Spacey actually sings all of the songs in the movie as Bobby Darin. Its pretty badass and I always love the actors that REALLY play the part. Anyway… if you like Big Band music, check it out.

This weekend will be consumed with packing and getting ready to move. Only a few days away! Thankfully we have some help on Sunday to load up the truck. Should not take too long as I have rented all kinds of aids to help us get stuff in there. Oh and most everything is already stacked up so it just takes someone with a dolly to roll it up the ramp. ANYWAY… By this time next week we will be moved in, and we will be headed to San Antonio for our annual break from the monotony. I’ve got to run up to the university for a quick interview before I am granted a position as an adjunct professor. Hopefully things will work out well and I’ll be in for the spring semester!

At any rate, its about time for me to start to get ready!

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