Wha?? Where’d ya go?

Sorry about that…. Last week was quite insane. Allow me to explain. But first, check out this interesting experiment relating to filtering cheap vodka through Brita filters to see if it gets any better. My its amazing what the human brain can think up when it has a little bit of time.

So since the last posting on the 15th, we have made some serious progress on the move stuff. We got through both option periods on both houses, we’ve been packing and trashing (the act of packing the things you really need and throwing out or donating the things you don’t) since. Really little stuff until this Saturday when Mary & Teri came over to help pack. The kitchen is almost entirely packed save for a few (and I really mean a few) utensils, a couple of cups, and the pantry/fridge. We’re eating stuff we have here to try and make the move a little easier.

All of the wall decorations are down (those three candles in that hutch area were SCREWED in… man, what was I thinking?), the guest room is almost entirely packed, the studio has been deconstructed (and some things eBay’d or sent to a local pro camera warehouse on consignment), some strides in closets such as the one under the stairs and in the master, guest, office, and studio. Once we get to the actual moving stage, things will be pretty easy hopefully. We’ve just got stuff stacked everywhere so a dolly can pick up the boxes and run them on the truck.

The buyers of our place did their final approval of the repairs they asked for, had a termite inspection and also the FHA appraisal. Things are a little disorganized on their side, but I’m just hoping and praying that their mortgage funds at closing.

Also last week, I had to make a quick run up to St. Paul for a client, then Houston (via O’Hare) for another client, and then back home. That was a beating. Tues-Thurs sucked badly. Not much packing got done during the week (regardless of my presence) but we sure did make up for it this weekend.

Hopefully on Wednesday I’ll be running out to our new place to do the final walk through, and then Chris and I will hit a couple of Home places to look for 2 new appliances. We are going to replace the original gas cooktop with one that is sealed and matches the other appliances, and we will take a look at a new dishwasher. At some point in the future (give it a couple of years) we will probably replace our fridge with a black one to really match all appliances. For the moment, I just ordered a new part for ours so that it looks brand new.

We also may be closing on our place on Wednesday. The buyers want to close early (which I would prefer) but we will still not leave until the 29th. Then we drive across town to close on the new place. But we cannot move in until the 30th. So we will twiddle our thumbs for a short period of time.

ANYWAY…. quite an update for ya. Can’t make too many promises on the frequency of things until after we get good and settled in. Maybe mid-december I’ll be taking pictures to document things and hopefully we will be in and settled without any hassles. Keep us in your thoughts and enjoy your week!

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